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Blackfoot Health & Wellness Center uses traditional chiropractic, energy healing, light therapy, and dietary supplementation to promote whole being health.

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Disease often has multiple causes that are interconnected. Treating only the symptoms of a problem can offer relief from pain but often will not allow for complete healing. Traditional chiropractic care can relieve pressure in the body by realigning the spine and adjusting the muscles which are causing the spine to shift, but without treating the causes of the muscle tension the problem will often reoccur.

Traditional medicine is effective at treating symptoms but chronic pain or illness requires a more comprehensive approach. At Blackfoot Health and Wellness we understand how lasting health can only be achieved when our mental and emotional well-being is balanced with our physical well-being. Our bodies often hold onto the energy from negative emotions. The effects from these emotions can get trapped in muscles and cause stress on our body. Trapped emotions can be released through energy work, thereby relieving the stress on our body.

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